Assessment Services

Early Reading Concerns - Screening and Support

($250.00 for the screening and caregiver support)

Do you have concerns about reading for a child in grade 1-3? You may notice that your child has difficulty learning phonics patterns (such as "ay", "ow", "oo") or sight words (like "their", "because", "was"). Your child may also rush through reading, have difficulty sounding out words (decoding), skip words, or "make up" words while reading. You or your child's teacher may be wondering if your child has dyslexia or a learning disability.

Our Reading Screening Assessment service provides a brief, targeted assessment of your child's reading compared to peers. It also assesses your child's phonics knowledge, sight word recognition, decoding strategies, and reading fluency. It is not a diagnostic assessment. However, the results of the assessment can inform next steps to support your child's reading.

Typically, we run a group-based screening and support program twice per year, in Oct/Nov and Jan/Feb. However, we may also conduct individualized screenings.


Ultra-Brief Academic Screeners


This is a 1-hour appointment to see if elementary children (grade 1-6) are developing age-appropriate basic academic skills with respect to reading, written output, basic math calculations, and
language proficiency. Based on the screeners, parents/providers will receive a brief 1-page report
and suggestions for next steps. 


Developmental Snapshot Assessment


Parents, pediatricians, or community providers can refer elementary school aged (i.e., JK-grade 8)
children for a comprehensive developmental snapshot assessment. These 2-hour screening
assessments will consider:
- Non-verbal ability
- Language skills
- Fine motor skills
- As appropriate, reading, spelling, and math calculation
- Social-emotional-behavioural functioning

A developmental profile will be provided that gives practical strategies for understanding and working
with the child based on their developmental characteristics. The assessment includes feedback
provided to parents and/or community providers in a joint meeting.


ADHD Assessment


Do you have concerns about a young person’s ability to focus, complete tasks, stay organized, and regulate their behaviour? An ADHD assessment uses interviews, questionnaires record review, and observations to consider whether a child or youth meets criteria for a diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. As part of this assessment, we also complete brief screening of reading, spelling, and math skills and screen for other social, emotional and behavioural concerns that may explain ADHD symptoms or accompany ADHD.

Not currently accepting referrals.

Psychoeducational Assessment- Learning Profile


Are you looking for an assessment of a child or youth's learning profile? Our psychoeducational assessments consider reading, writing and math skills, as well as thinking and information processing abilities such as memory. We use tests to compare a child or youth's skills in these areas to many other young people the same age. We also use interviews, questionnaires, record review, and observations to come to an understanding of a student's learning profile. A psychoeducational assessment considers a diagnosis of a learning disability. However, we also screen for other concerns such as an intellectual disability or "concrete learner" profile, ADHD, or other social, emotional, or behavioural concerns that may affect learning.

Not currently accepting referrals.

Developmental Assessment


Do you have concerns about a child or youth's overall learning and development? For example, does the young person struggle with learning, communicating, and independence skills? Our developmental assessments consider thinking and problem-solving skills as well as day-to-day abilities. In other words, we usually evaluate "intelligence" using an IQ test and look at adaptive functioning. We may also consider basic reading, writing and math skills. This assessment can lead to a diagnosis of an intellectual disability.

Not currently accepting referrals.

Psychoeducational/Developmental Assessment and ADHD


Are you looking for an assessment of a youth's learning/development- while also wondering if they may have ADHD? In a combined learning and ADHD assessment we fully assess and make recommendations around both learning/development and ADHD. We also screen for other concerns.

Not currently accepting referrals.

Complex Assessment - Learning/Development and Other Concerns


Are you looking for an assessment of a child or youth's overall functioning, including areas such as learning, development, behaviour, and mental health? A complex assessment involves a complete assessment of learning and/or development, as well as additional focused assessment of other emotional/behavioural difficulties. The assessment includes consideration of a learning disability, intellectual disability, and ADHD, and may consider additional diagnoses with your agreement, such as Autism Spectrum Disorder and mood, anxiety, or behavioural disorders.

Not currently accepting referrals.