Parent Support & Consultation

Brief parent consultation or service coordination

1-3 sessions based on complexity
($125 per session)

Do you have specific questions about your child’s development and need answers? Perhaps there is a specific behaviour or challenge and you want to talk it through with an understanding professional.  Are you looking for further strategies, services, or next steps, or feeling like you still are “missing something”?  Or maybe your child has recently gotten a diagnosis such as a Learning Disability, ADHD or Autism Spectrum Disorder and you are wondering about next steps or services in the community. We offer brief, targeted consultation to parents to address particular questions, problems, or to help link your family to relevant community services.

Individual parenting support for behavioural concerns

($125 per session)

Is your child or youth displaying challenging behaviours such as not following directions, not completing tasks, having difficulty with transitions, or having “meltdowns”? Or does your child have “big reactions” and engage in behaviours such as reusing, screaming, crying, swearing, threatening, or mistreating belongings?

We provide parent support to help parents achieve goals such as:

  • Improving young people’s cooperation and ability to complete tasks
  • Understanding “meltdowns”, why they happen, and how to prevent them
  • Learning effective strategies for responding to challenging behaviour or “disrespect”

We can offer parenting techniques specific to diagnoses such as ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, intellectual disability, oppositional defiant disorder, or anxiety.